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We don’t do anything fishy. Eau contraire.

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Welcome to Sharks & Whales. We make things happen with a steady, personal, no-nonsense approach.

Welcome to Sharks & Whales. Don’t worry, we don’t do anything fishy. Eau contraire. Sharks & Whales is hooked on Communication Consultancy and Management.

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We make things happen with a steady, personal, no-nonsense approach. Each project, whether it’s a website, an event or a targeted (social) media campaign needs awesome project management in order to pay off. We help you fish the stormy waters and navigate the waves in a confident way.

You may have written the sharpest strategy, come up with the greatest idea or story, without direction obstacles will pop-up and you might end up spending far more money than forecast. That’s why, at Sharks & Whales, we dive into your project, deal with the tides and propose the best possible action to reach your destination.

We strive to build a strong relationship with our clients. As a result we work closely together(and meet up regularly for CDUs*).

* CDUs = Coffee, Donuts and Updates


Do you already have a strategy or a creative concept?

We’ll be happy to work with your team.

Do you want to start from scratch?

Sharks & Whales has their own network of high-end freelancers (what some call a Dream Team) to execute your communication plans or events in following domains.



The focus of Sharks & Whales is on the various communication needs of small and middle sized enterprises (SMEs).

Whether it’s a new website, the organization of an event, rebranding or some extra back-up in stormy weathers.

We have access to a dedicated school of skilled and experienced professionals who make things happen in a lean & mean way.

We address decision makers directly, thus allowing to accommodate an ocean of communication services without the high expenses. And without the complex operations you often need to deal with working with large(r) communication agencies.


We help SMEs to get their communication requirements clear. We plan and manage your projects from a to z in an effective, cost-efficient, pleasant and reliable way.

What's in a name?


To be successful in business being strong and knowing what you want are essential. Sometimes, you might even need to fight for these results. That’s the Shark part.

Whales, on the other hand, are extraordinary creatures, who by their very nature and size breathe respect and confidence. They radiate serenity, are amazing communicators (even at great distances in the ocean) and although pretty impressive by size, they tend to be very gentle beings (except for the Killer Whale, but that’s another story …). And of course, next to a cool name they are my son Storm’s favorite animals.